Size limits of files are updated: compressed file can be up to 1.2 GiB and uncompressed fasta up to 3.5 GiB. It allows to use T2T human genome. For large genomes keep the Repeatedness parameter set to "Many repeats". If not your job may be killed because of time limit or memory limit crossing.

Launch map analysis

New alignment
Plot alignment
Batch alignments

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Possible values for tool and options keys
Tool Option ids (to use with options=)3
Minimap2 v2.24
  • Repeatedness (mutually exclusive):
    • 0-0: few repeats 
    • 0-1: some repeats 
    • 0-2: many repeats 
Mashmap v2.0
No option

1 We will send you results by mail.

2 Can be gzipped. Must end with .fa, .fasta, .fna, .fa.gz, .fasta.gzor .fna.gz

2 In PAF or MAF format. Must end with .paf, .maf

3 Fasta file or index built by our tool. Must end with .fa, .fasta, .fna, .fa.gz, .fasta.gz, .fna.gz or .idx.

4 TAR file from a previous run or built following this documentation. Must ends with .tar or .tar.gz.

2 Text file following batch format. Must end with .txt

3 Look at the batch format page for full description. Default options appear in bold